Andrew Furnas ’11 2011 Marshall Scholar

Andrew Furnas ’11 awarded Marshall Scholarship

Mathematics concentrator Andrew Furnas has been awarded a 2011 Marshall Scholarship.
By Deborah Baum  |  December 1, 2010  |  Email to a friend

Senior Andrew Furnas has been awarded a 2011 Marshall Scholarship, which supports graduate study in the United Kingdom for “outstanding and passionate young scholars destined to make a difference.” He is one of 31 U.S. students to receive the award this year.

A mathematics concentrator, Furnas says he has always had a passion for the subject and his time at Brown helped him explore it both theoretically and in specific applications. After taking a Rhode Island School for Design course in apparel design and construction, Furnas became interested in mathematical models for woven fabrics, trying to understand how different woven fabrics drape. That became the topic of his senior thesis. As a Marshall scholar, Furnas plans to spend one year at the University of Cambridge studying Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. He may opt to explore design during his second year, or continue with another rigorous mathematics program.

“While math applications may motivate me in some sense, I am fascinated and inspired mostly by pure mathematical theory itself,” Furnas said. “With regard to the Marshall Scholarship, I am honored for the opportunity to continue my studies in the United Kingdom and excited that the committee recognizes the necessity for mathematical research.”

As a junior, Furnas received a Goldwater scholarship for talented math, science, and engineering students interested in research careers. He is president of the Department of Mathematics’ undergraduate group (DUG) and has been instrumental in organizing the Symposium for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences, a nationally recognized undergraduate conference at Brown. He is a leader with Brown’s Outdoor Leadership Training group and is active in several theater and music groups, such as the Alef Beats and the Ghanaian Drumming and Dance Ensemble.