Brown among top U.S. producers of Fulbright winners

Brown ranks seventh in the nation and third in the Ivies in the number of Fulbright fellowships awarded for 2008–09, and its percentage of winners to applicants is second only to Yale’s.
By TAB staff  |  November 17, 2008  |  Email to a friend
Brown ranks number seven among research universities in the country for producing the most students with 2008–09 U.S. Fulbright awards, according to data announced by the Fulbright Program. Twenty-one recent graduates of Brown are currently studying overseas on Fulbright grants. The success of the top producing institutions is highlighted in the Oct. 24, 2008, edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The 21 recipients were selected from among 71 applications from Brown, giving the University the second-highest success rate among Ivy League schools, after Yale. Brown ranks third in the Ivy League, after Harvard and Yale, for the most students receiving Fulbright awards this year. The recipients are currently studying, teaching, or conducting research in 17 countries around the world.

The Brown Fulbright award winners, all class of 2008 except where noted, and their countries of study are:

Dara Kwayera Bayer (Brazil)
Sade Bonilla (Chile)
Amy Chang (China)
Victoria Chao (Taiwan)
Caitlin Lee Cohen (Benin)
Camia Marie Crawford (Indonesia)
Mai Denawa (Japan)
Hans Konrad Dietrich (Germany)
Mary Beinecke Elston (Yemen)
David Abraham Fedman (Japan)
Tara Marie Gonsalves (Indonesia)
Anna Karolina Hermann (Austria)
Jacob Michael Izenberg (Malaysia)
Christina Mary Koningisor '07 (Kuwait)
Daniella Miriam Kupor (Korea)
Jose Enrique Macian (Germany)
Samuel Elliott Novacich (Brazil)
Elizabeth Hannah Giencke Stern (Russia)
Nicole Ann Summers (Nicaragua)
Elisabeth Nicole Zerofsky (France)
Leonora Silverstein Zoninsein (Kenya)