Brown announces campus-wide response to economic downturn

A pause in new hiring and a possible delay in undertaking some facilities projects are among the cost-saving measures outlined in a memorandum from President Simmons.

By TAB staff  |  November 5, 2008  |  Email to a friend

In remarks at the monthly faculty meeting on Nov. 4 and in an e-mailed message to the campus community, Brown President Ruth J. Simmons announced measures the University will take to protect academic excellence and positive momentum in the face of potential dislocations created by the ongoing economic crisis.

The measures include an immediate halt in staff and administrative hiring from now through January; a review of in-progress faculty appointments; an organizational review of the University’s administrative operations; possible deferral of some capital projects; and a review of budgeted expenditures and potential sources of increased revenues.

Letter from President Simmons (November 4, 2008) View full text

President Simmons describes the University’s plan to protect the essential elements of academic excellence, preserve the institution’s momentum, maintain a stable work environment for employees, and improve the University’s capacity to act quickly to further reduce expenditures should the need arise.

Memo from Provost Kertzer (October 31, 2008) View full text

Provost Kertzer announces new policies for students and families with unpaid balances. The policies are designed to keep students in school and to help families that are coping with financial pressures caused by the current economic crisis.

Memo from Karen Davis, Vice President for Human Resources (October 16, 2008) View full text

Vice President Davis summarizes personal, family and financial assistance resources available to Brown employees, including emergency loans, professional counseling for personal or family problems, retirement planning services, fully paid public transportation, and others.

Memo from Katherine Bergeron, dean of the College, and Margaret Klawunn, vice president for campus life and student services (October 10, 2008) View full text 

This memo provides information about educational and support resources available to Brown students that can be helpful depending on how the situation is affecting family, friends, and community.

Letter from Sheila Bonde, dean of the Graduate School, and Nancy Thompson, associate dean, biology and medicine (October 17, 2008) View full text

The research and training mission of the University remains a high priority. This letter describes educational support and other services for graduate and medical students.

President Simmons’s remarks to the faculty (October 7, 2008) View full text

“As I have reported before, there have been for some time harbingers of significant economic difficulty; today, the extensive consequences of that difficulty are becoming apparent. I want to discuss with you what we are doing to deal with the effects of the global economic meltdown on the University, what guidelines we might use during this period, and the actions we currently anticipate might be needed in view of this situation.”